Posted: July 21st, 2013

Help to face fear on stage!

Fight against your fear of impromptu speaking.

Come to our meeting on 7th August 2013 to freiraum, Saarstraße 5, Munich. You will get a training section, which helps you to fight against your fear of public speaking. This is a special insight:

  1. Opening: I would like to begin by …
  2. Order: Firstly …, Secondly …, Thirdly …,
  3. In addition
  4. For example
  5. On the one hand …  On the other hand …
  6. In general
  7. Personally, I prefer …
  8. Conclusion: Let me conclude by saying …

The phrases provide a very convincing structure to a Table Topics response but also can be used to structure a longer speech. Get more information at our Munich Prostmasters' meeting on 7th August!

(Caroline Deinert, VPPR)