Example Meeting

A typical Munich Prostmasters meeting consists of three main parts, a warm-up section, then two to four prepared speeches delivered by members, and finally the “bread-and-butter” of any Toastmasters meeting … the evaluations.

The Warm Up

In this first section we warm up our vocal chords with a few exercises:

  • Introduction by the Toastmaster of the Evening
  • Joke -or- Word of the Day -or- both!
  • Table Topics – The Table Topics Master picks topics and asks members to come on stage and deliver improvised 1-2 minute speeches. As a guest you do not have to participate – though you can
    if you like to!

Prepared Speeches

Members deliver their prepared speeches during this part of the meeting. Each member is working through an educational program and each speech is a step in this program. Only members can deliver speeches. So, if you’re not a member yet …

Join Prostmasters

At the end of the “Prepared Speeches” section, we take a 10 minute break for refreshments and socializing.


The part of any Toastmasters meeting where we really learn and grow… All in a positive and friendly atmosphere.

  • Subjective Evaluations – For each member who delivers a prepared speech, another member gives a detailed evaluation of that speech. Pointing out what he/she liked and illustrating what can be improved.
  • Objective Evaluations – The Ah Counter, Grammarian, and the Timer all give their thoughts on what they heard or timed.
  • The General Evaluation – Here the General Evaluator gives his/her evaluation of the meeting itself, and how it was conducted in general.