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Before Club Meetings
• Review the scheduled roles for the meeting five to seven days in advance.
• Offer support to the Toastmaster of the meeting to confirm members’ role
and plan for substitutions if necessary.
• Notify the club president if any members are scheduled to earn their education
awards at the upcoming meeting.

Upon Arrival at Club Meetings
• Verify that the members assigned to meeting roles have arrived and are prepared
to perform their duties.
• Remind members with meeting roles to select an evaluator
for their project.
• Assist the Toastmaster in filling meeting roles for absent members.
• Greet guests by asking them if they are willing to participate in the meeting or if
they’d prefer to observe.

• If guests agree to participate, inform the Topicsmaster that he or she can call on
those guests as Table Topics speakers and ask the club president to introduce the
guests at the beginning of the meeting.

During Club Meetings
• Assist members with verifying the completion of their projects.
• Recognize members when they earn awards.
• Preside over the meeting when the club president is absent.
• Answer member questions about the Toastmasters education program or speech
contests and agree to research questions you don’t know the answers to.


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