Member signup process

Member signup process

1. New member (New, Dual, Reinstated or Transfer) signs up using the club membership form

2. An automated email with the payment details is sent on submitting the club membership form

3. When the money arrives in the club bank account

– The Treasurer pays for the registered member to Toastmasters International.  The members gets an email from Toastmasters International with username and password.

– The Treasurer (or Officer) registers the member with Easyspeak and assigns a username and password. The member gets an email from Easyspeak with username and password.

4. The Treasurer informs the VP Membership and VP Education of the new member

Access to Toastmasters International is possible after Step 3 has been completed. Members should register using their email address / member number. Toastmasters members logging in for the first time please use “Forgot password?”.

Access to Easyspeak possible is possible after Step 3 for members with the username assigned by the club officer.

This process can take upto 2 weeks from the time the membership form is submitted and the membership fees are paid.

If you have questions during this time, please approach the officers in person or email (


Easyspeak( A dedicated portal for meeting signups, speech and leadership progress tracking used by our club and other clubs in Europe

Toastmasters International( A portal from Toastmasters International to manage your personal profile and Pathways educational program.