New officer team for 2023-24

Here are the incoming officers for the Toastmasters year 2023-24:

President – Jasmin Ghennam
VP Education – Ranjith Venkatesh
VP Membership – Sirichai Bannasarn (Golf)
VP Public Relations – Divij Wadhawan
Secretary – Tobias Schlosser
Treasurer – Ashwini Navoor
Sergeant-at-Arms – Not decided
Immediate Past President – Ron Fiedler

We are happy to have such a great team to kick off the new Toastmasters year!

Jasmin has been a President of a club before and brings in her experience here (and charm of Pluto)

Ranjith has been President and Area Director and is eager to help the club members set and reach educational goals.

Golf has been VP Membership before and is bringing in those strategies to beat last year’s record.

Divij is new to being an officer and has exciting outdoor ideas for the Prostmasters.

Tobias has been District Director and we will have an inhouse consultant on Toastmasters workings.

Ashwini is new to being an officer and ready to take care of our treasure chest.

Ron as past president will help the new set of officers with the knowledge he has gained through being an officer.


Mikaela wins the District Evaluation contest at Aarhus, Denmark

Mikaela Gallon wins the District Evaluation contest for the Munich Prostmasters. With this our club has won the Evaluation contest three times in a row (Member Awards).

Mikaela competed with 8 other Division winners and stood out. I found her calm and poised while she delivered the evaluation speech in her own style.

Go Mikaela!


Reverse meeting

When Ron puts his mind to it, he executes it!

The Reverse meeting happened on 15th of March, 2023 and it was FUN!

Our guests set the tone for singing and dancing!

Stefan led the General Evaluation round setting challenges for the Toastmasters to come and do things before they thought of it.

Jasmin rapped on stage with Pluto.

Therese counted our Ahs before they happened.

Stefan had 32 Ahs to come up with and reversed every part of his Evaluation.

Mohit gave a yoga pose for Ashwini to close up his speech with.

Dharani did her icebreaker in the middle of all this madness.

Ashwini got the club dancing and doing yoga before talking about hares and tortoises.

Chris put a spring to our Table topics and regaled us with his jokes.

Kumar sure does have a dirty joke up his sleeve.

And Ron can jump real high!


Club contests – 15 Feb, 2023

Thanks to the organizing team of Barbara(VP Education), Ineke (Contest Chair) and Ron (Chief Judge) we had a great club contest on the 15th of Feb, 2023.

Jasmin entertained us with her target speech on getting engaged to her very German boyfriend who cleans better than her and cuddles up with their poodle.

Mikaela and Marco participated in the Evaluation contest and Mikaela won the contest telling us about her experience with her very German husband.

Mikaela, Diogo and Ranjith participated in the Table topics contest and Ranjith won the contest. All of them talked about their favorite things!

Ranjith was the only contestant in the International Speech contest and he stayed on time.

Ranjith will be representing our club in the Table topics and International Speech contest on the 11th of March, 2023 in Augsburg.

Save the date – 11th of March, 2023 to watch four clubs in our area participate in the next level!


Officer Training @ Ingolstadt

Ron, Darya, Haiyi and Ranjith

Four officers from the Munich Prostmasters made it to Ingolstadt!

Ron and I landed early for the officer training at Ingolstadt last week. The location was great – Technische Hochschule. It felt great to be meeting people live after two years for an officer training. The last time I was in one of them was beginning of 2022 when Mikaela organised one in the European University near Theresienwiese in Munich.

We set up the wall that people know from conferences and I jumped to the opportunity of creating a short teaser for the workshop later that day. Yanti was kind enough to make the video and she sure has a stable hand.

We had fun sessions throughout the afternoon!

Tobias took on a journey about the Distinguished Club plan, Jason on Hybrid meetings and Olga on DTM.

Olga managed to get people together and present their ideas. Two of our officers got their ideas together and presented as part of their teams.

Haiyi explaining how she will take care of members and guests during a Toastmasters conference

Darya in action at the officer training talking about club funds and taxation.


Moments of Truth 2021/22

We had a great time yesterday with Barbara, Isil, Ineke, Ron, Stefan, Chris and Darya discussing what went well in 2021/22 and what could be improved.

We even had two guests Alejandro and Jeff joining us to provide their valuable inputs.

We sat down in a round table and had a discussion over some snacks and continued the discussion later in the local Bavarian restaurant in true Prostmasters style.

We are very proud to have achieved the Select Distinguished Status for the Munich Prostmasters in the year 2021/22 inspite of the challenges we faced.

Wishing the Munich Prostmasters all the best for the year 2022/23!

Survey results summary: Moments of Truth 2022 (


Understanding communication styles

Ranjith talks about how he was in awe with many people who influenced his communication style as part of the Pathway Motivational Strategies.


First poem that Martin learnt!

Elegy written in a country churchyard by Thomas Gray

January 19th: Online Meeting

On January 19th, 7PM CET You ARE Virtually Invited!

Please join our


to continue your Toastmasters journey, while we enjoy some much-needed social connection!



Photo of Ineke Vermeulen from Munich Prostmasters

Ineke donned many a hat in the last meeting. She was the Grammarian with an “eloquent” word of the day. She also had some jokes for us as the Belgian Blond Joker.

What I really loved was the eloquent play of words when she was explaining the how she found the evening.

She was not overwhelmed.

She was not underwhelmed.

She was whelmed.

Is Ineke spurning a new tradition of neoligisms from the meetings of the Munich Prostmasters?