Guide for New Members

Step 1:

Did you transfer the membership fee? If you did you should have received some emails, two of them are about your access to Easyspeak and

What is Easyspeak /

EasySpeak is the tool we use to track our agenda of each meeting and to see the speech process of our members. Here you can sign up for different roles or request a speech in advance.

What is is the official website of Toastmasters. On this site you can access Pathways, your learning path.

What is Pathways

Pathways is an education program which consists of 5 Levels. Each level usually has 4 projects to complete. A project is usually a 5-7 minute speech where you need to consider specific criteria to prepare.

Click here for more information.

Step 2:

Each member needs to select an education path they want to follow. There is also a test you can take to make the decision easier. Don’t worry too much on which path to choose, all are similar. If you are unsure, select Presentation Mastery.

Select your Path

Step 3:

Congratulations! You selected your first path. Now it’s time to access Pathways to start your project.

On your homepage you can now navigate to Base Camp to access your path manually or you just follow this link.

Paths and Learning (Education Transcript) > Open Curriculum

Activate: Activates the project, in higher levels you can choose from different projects.

Launch: Brings you to the project. It’s a step by step guide with different tasks and explanations. It provides you with multiple resources to prepare your speech.

Mark As Complete: This button only appears if you are at the last page of your project (Launch button) and answered your self-assessment.

Step 4:

Schedule a speech or sign up for other meeting roles!

Login to and navigate to the meeting.

Here is a video on how to request a speech.

Step 5:

If you signed up for a speech slot, don’t forget to bring your printed evaluation form! You can find it within your project or on base camp.

(Base Camp > Speech Evaluations)

Step 6

You successfully completed your speech! (Or took on another role.) If you did a speech, go back to base camp to your project, complete the self-assessment and mark it complete. You are ready for the next speech project.

Next Level for Amazing Beeings

Our club is always in need of volunteers who help to organize the club. If you want to get some leadership experience or just contribute to give back a little, you can contact the current president of the club or ask our other members about it.

Here are some descriptions of the different officer roles. Officers are in office for one year from July to June.


Vice President Education

Vice President Membership

Vice President Public Relations