As club President, you will set the tone for your club. You are expected to provide helpful, supportive leadership
for all the club’s activities and you will be the first to assume responsibility for the progress and welfare of the club.
You motivate, resolve conflict, and facilitate as required. Though you must occasionally step in and make a difficult
decision, you rarely do so without consulting club members and other club officers. You show respect for all
members, even when you do not agree with them, and provide leadership for all.

• Provide positive leadership to all officers and members
• Build a cohesive team and ensure all tasks are completed
• Oversee and facilitate club meetings
• Lead by example and treat all members fairly and equally
• Hold yourself and other officers accountable
• Be diplomatic in resolving conflict
• Encourage participation in Distinguished Club Program
• Ensure financial responsibility and accountability for club funds
• Remain current with the Leader Letter
• Represent club at district leadership and area council meetings
• Be familiar with all aspects of the Addendum of Standard Club Options and Club Constitution

Skills learned:
• Team building and delegation
• Positive small group leadership
• Organization and problem-solving
• Organizing communities to accomplish a specific task or event
• Critical thinking
• Networking and relationship-building
• Conflict management
• Delivery of tactful and constructive feedback
• Succession planning
• Compliance with standard procedures


  1. Overview:
  2. Club Leadership Handbook: