How to Join?

Three easy steps, that’s all it takes to become a member of Munich Prostmasters.

  1. Visit a club meeting – Our club usually meets the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month. Holiday’s sometimes fall upon meeting dates, so check out our club calendar to make sure.
  2. Complete an ApplicationOnline Membership Application Form
  3. Pay membership dues – You will get an automated email when you complete the membership form with the amount you have to pay.

Membership Dues

NOTE: Membership fees updated on 1 Aug 2023

Membership dues can be made in cash / bank transfer / PayPal to our club Treasurer:

Month of joiningAmount in Euros
Oct or Apr (6 months)90
Nov or May (5 months)75
Dec or Jun (4 months)60
Jan or Jul (3 months)45
Feb or Aug (2 months)30
Mar or Sep (1 month)15

Note: New members pay 20 Euros as a one time fee when they join.

Payment text:

Membership fees – Full name – From MM.YY to MM.YY



Bank transfer

Name: Ranjith Venkatesh

IBAN:  DE08 1203 0000 1200 0722 52
Bank:  Deutsche Kreditbank AG

Membership renewals occur twice a year.

Membership fees are not refundable.