Munich Prostmasters

We have our room reserved with Freiraum(

We pay 75 EUR per evening and do it using PayPal.

We store our club stationary in a container stored in premise.

We book the beamer on demand for 21 EUR per evening.

Toastmasters International

Before Club Meetings
• Confirm meeting room reservations a few days before the meeting.
• Ensure that plenty of blank ballots are available for voting.

Upon Arrival at Club Meetings
• Arrange the meeting room and equipment at least 30 minutes before so the
starts on time.
• Arrange tables and chairs.
• Set out the lectern, gavel, club banner, the national flag (optional), timing device,
ballots, trophies and ribbons.
• Place a table near the door to display promotional brochures, name tags, the
Guest Book (Item 84) and educational materials such as manuals, club newsletters
and the Toastmaster magazine for members to see.
• Check the room temperature and adjust it if the room is too hot or too cold.
• Ask all guests to sign the Guest Book and give each a name tag to wear during
the meeting.

During Club Meetings
• Sit near the door to welcome late arrivals and help them be seated. Prevent
and perform any necessary errands.
• Coordinate food service, if any.
• Collect ballots and tally votes for awards when necessary.

After Club Meetings
• Return the room to its original configuration.
• Pack up all materials and store them in a secure place.
• Pick up and dispose of any stray items or trash.