Help to face fear on stage!

Fight against your fear of impromptu speaking.

Come to our meeting on 7th August 2013 to freiraum, Saarstraße 5, Munich. You will get a training section, which helps you to fight against your fear of public speaking. This is a special insight:

  1. Opening: I would like to begin by …
  2. Order: Firstly …, Secondly …, Thirdly …,
  3. In addition
  4. For example
  5. On the one hand …  On the other hand …
  6. In general
  7. Personally, I prefer …
  8. Conclusion: Let me conclude by saying …

The phrases provide a very convincing structure to a Table Topics response but also can be used to structure a longer speech. Get more information at our Munich Prostmasters’ meeting on 7th August!

(Caroline Deinert, VPPR)

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