Movimento Moves

The first blog entry after the club moved to Movimento 🙂

We are now right in the centre of the city between Marienplatz and Karlsplatz.

Stanko led the meeting seguing his way through as Toastmaster of the Evening.

Martin made an invocation with a sparrow flying high till it froze and had a bit of help from a cow and cat. An invocation with some Martin magic!

Stephan made his first stage appearance with a joke.

Stephan Karl made us think about Fathers in his multinational Table topics.

Yulia told us about her life in 5Ms – Moscow, Munich, Motto…

Ranjith tried to persuade the Prostmasters to lend their voice for 1GOAL – Education for All

Stanko moved in with an impromptu Table Topics session wherein more members came on stage explaining what Education meant to them.

Mel finished off the meeting with a report on the District Conference in Portugal.

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