Prostmasters: Special offer!!! Pay now!!!

Dear member of Prostmasters club, 

An exciting term for our club is coming to an end. Many of you would have expected that by ending this term we could just smoothly progress into a new one. This would have been an easy solution. However, Postmasters would not be Prostmasters and your incredible officers team would not be an incredible officers team if it had not prepared something extraordinary and truly exciting. At first we just thought of small improvements that could be done to our club. But we did not rest until we totally reinvented everything. After all the turmoil and hardship of this year we truly felt that accepting the status quo was not an option. And so we created something completely fabulous and innovative. For the first time in the history of Prostmasters we do now present a list of incredible new attributes attached to our club’s name; a list, that is so long and feature-rich that like no list created before:

  • Valid until early 2021
  • Almost carbon neutral
  • Zero calories, no added sugars or fatty acids
  • No harm done to animals and wildlife
  • Truly revolutionary

Just months ago, few people would have believed that we would succeed. But now comes the best: You can be part of it too! Just continue to select your reward and proceed through the payment.

First, choose your reward carefully. This is a special offer only for you:

EARLY BIRD single membership (49% OFF)

  • Membership for one adult
  • 6 month included
  • ONLY 40.-

PARTNER membership (49% OFF)

  • Membership for two adults
  • 6 month included
  • ONLY 80.-


  • Membership for two adults, three kids and one pet
  • 12 month membership
  • Extra speaking slot (after official meeting ends)
  • Free voucher to have “club idiot” tattooed on your forearm
  • ONLY 1000.-

Now, please proceed to the payment and make a bank transfer to the following account. (Don’t forget to add your requested reward to the subject line)

Account holder: Stefan Dirnstorfer

IBAN: DE49 1203 0000 1055 4853 51

Congratulation! You are now officially entitled to pride yourself with the continued membership in our Prostmasters club. What an amazing time to be alive.

With best wishes from your treasurer,


PS: …. Waiting for your cash ….Stefan Dirnstorfer

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