Speaking by Numbers

by Ineke Vermeulen (Immediate Past President)

22 – 13 – 35 – 11

This is not a math riddle, even though the number nerds amongst you might be able to find a theory to calculate the next in the row…

But for those that are only curious, I’ll tell you that these are the numbers of our recent Munich Prostmasters meeting. We had 22 members and 13 guests present (equals 35, right) and… at the end of the meeting 11 of those 13 guests said that they wanted to join. Now, I’m not really a numbers person. I do words and language and meaning. But some numbers have a lot of meaning too – I came to that realization during this meeting.

Not only do we have a healthy number of active members, we also regularly enjoy visiting guests and true to the saying “the more the merrier”, meetings continue to be upbeat and energizing for both members and guests.

And there are more numbers for Munich Prostmasters to be proud of: we achieved 9 out of 10 points in the Distinguished Club Program last year, making us President’s Distinguished, a sign of quality showing value beyond the mere numbers. Another great one is the number of different nationalities of our members. With over 20 different nationalities we actually learn a lot more than public speaking and leadership skills. The cross-pollination between cultures adds a lot to the meeting atmosphere – for the better!

But our latest and greatest numeric achievement is surely the number of contestants for the Humorous Speech and Table Topics contest next Wednesday (Sept. 18, 2013). We have 6 participants now and more are welcome. Even an analog person like myself can do the math here: 6 Humorous Speeches and 6 funny Table Topics equals an evening of pure, unadulterated, mind-blowing FUN.

Join us next week – and be part of it!

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