Toastmaster Poetry Slam

Perform your own poem in Erlangen


Sunday, 7th July 2013; formal part: 2 pm – 4:30 pm, informal part: 4:30 pm – 9 pm


This is a joint club event of Toastmaster clubs in Nuremberg and Erlangen. Attendees present and listen to short poetries. Subsequently there is the chance of spontaneous conversation and a meal together. Apart from the poetry there will be some entertainment program. Be surprised!

The event is free of charge. Invited are all members of Toastmasters Clubs in Nuremberg, Erlangen and Munich.

The room can host up to 30 people. There are still slots free. Please register in the registration list


Indoor-Location: Seminar room at

Am Wolfsmantel 46
91058 Erlangen

How to get there

How does it work?

Every participant who likes to take part has 5 minutes to present his or her poetry (poem, etc.) and to explain the context: author, time, personal relationship to the piece, etc. The poem can be from any author or even self-written. It can be in any language, only the explanation should be in English or German. There are 12 speaker slots. So hurry up to register before they are filled.

You can bring food and drinks to the event. Please tell in the list (same as above) what food you will bring along, so that not everyone brings the same. And bring not only the food but also your own cutlery and crockery, please.

Organized by:

Erik Tittel, Gilles Tanko, Daniel De Caro, Emmanuel Owusu, Bella Raths

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