9 days until the Division Conference

Learn & Laugh & Live it!

Fellow Toastmasters, dear guests,

a great opportunity to hear great speakers from the whole South Germany is coming up: the Division Conference will take place in Munich in 9 days!

They are bringing buckets of laughs and rivers of tears, and you’ll be learning AND laughing yourself to tears!

Follow the link above to get more info and reserve your tickets.

Fellow toastmasters, there are also plenty of opportunities to participate in supporting roles, smaller or bigger, as you prefer. Each contest needs judges (6 CC speeches experience), timers, ballot counters and a tie break judge, a seargant at arms, video masters,  Chief Judge (should not have a club member participating in the contest). Additional help, such as a person with a nice handwriting, people at the entrance and an orga-team to support the workshops and further activities. Contact me, your VPPR, asap in case you are interested (prostmasters@gmail.com)

Follow the link to the Division Conference for more Info and to buy your tickets!

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