Humorous Speech Contest

Another crazy fun event!

We had a few weeks ago an amusing and funny contest, our very own Munich Prostmasters…. 2014 Humorous Speech and Table Topics Contest!

We heard the short improptu speeches for the Table Topics, with spontaneous ideas for ideal inventions, ranging from a machine that produces wish-granting fairies to utopic “event project managing tools”…. As for the Humorous speech competition, our member Ineke won against heavy competition, with her speech on children …and benefits they bring to accompaning adults, namely as windbreakers by bike-riding… Ineke moved then to the next level successfuly, the Area competition on the 13th September, where she won as well the german Humourous speech Contest and the Table Topics. We’ll never know whether she could make it 3 wins in one go, because she unfortunatly disqualified in the english humorous contest for going over time!

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