Be A Guest

by Kumar Barua

You are sitting in a wonderful restaurant. The menu in front of you mentions a wonderful array of starters, followed by a lovely four course meal with some exquisite wine & melodious music. And no where is any price mentioned.

Yes, you are a guest and the evening is free.

Would you miss such an evening?

Well, if you were not at Munich Prostmasters’ meeting on 16th October, 2013 you missed a meeting that would compare with any meal you could imagine. Mel Kelly, as Toast Master of the evening, energized the listeners and set the stage for an informative and entertaining evening. Celia O’Connor brought on the starters by giving interesting Table Topics discussion points about books. Carlo Reumont made us think about the words ‘gutter’ and ‘stars’ and how, sometimes, they can be connected.

And then the 4-course meal was brought on stage. Four members came forward and delivered their  speeches: Simon Donhauser informed us how we can change our mental state through our bodies with his talk *The influence of body language*; Caroline Deinert gave us a vivid personal example to illustrate her point of successfully *Dealing with inner conflict*; Stefan Gruss regaled us and brought freshness to the well known story *The Fisherman and his wife*; and Artur Ananin topped it all off talking about beauty – *The beauty of Geometry*.

And the evening did not end there. The second session was the round of evaluations. Here we saw and heard the engaging Bill Monsour from the club Het Sprekersgilde, Amsterdam, evaluate a speech. An entertaining lesson on how to critique a speech. Our General Evaluator, Thomas Dall, added an interesting touch when he had other senior members evaluate the evaluators.

And guess what! 28 people attended this evening. 7 of them were guests and 3 became new members.

You are not going to want to miss the next meeting. That takes place on 6th November.

See you there!

– Kumar Barua –

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