Coming Home

by Darya Bilousova

I have been a member of Munich Prostmasters for almost four years now, with short and long breaks in-between. But every time I am at a club session, it feels like coming home.

The meeting of 6th November saw a wonderful gathering of old Toastmasters, whom we have not seen for months and maybe years, returning guests and brand-new members. And I had a feeling, they all felt at home.

The darker and rainier it got outside, the cosier and warmer it became inside of our bright creative Prostmasters’ premises. The opening of the evening was very motivating thanks to such a smooth and charismatic performance by Thomas, Ranjith and Kumar. It was like a breath of fresh air to me and I was looking forward to see and hear more.

We dived in the most fearful part of the evening, Table Topics, with a lot of enthusiasm, encouraged by Christopher and his spontaneous topics. At Toastmasters I have learned one thing: if there is anything that is both terrifying and exciting, it is definitely worth doing! I was happy to get an opportunity to come on stage and say couple of words, even though it was a topic I did not have anything to say about. I still hope to get better, and there is only one way to do it – by practising.

The best part of the evening, prepared speeches, saw an interesting international mixture of marvellous speakers. We learned about the never-giving-up spirit of our Irish macho, Mel. When it comes to kissing, salsa, girls … and public speaking, Mel is a perfect example for persistence and determination. Go Mel! You are a great inspiration to many of us!

The second speech, presented by talented Yolanda, reminded me of a business presentation, though a good one, with nice witty examples and a message. The message, Linkage and its influence, made me think of connections I have in
my life and how they influence me. Thank you, Yolanda! It was a really good take-away.

As always, when Anne-Kathrin is holding a speech, I am amazed by her fabulous choice of language and playful charming performance. I could really relate to the topic of her speech: With an ease we make life-changing decisions, but when it comes to choosing a right colour or a pattern, this is where we find ourselves completely at a loss.

A meeting at Prostmasters is always a rollercoaster of positive emotions: happiness, excitement,  joy, gratitude, appreciation … you name it! And this is what inspires me so much and keeps me warm and energized when November claims its rights. It simply feels like I’ve just been at home.

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