Fire in November

Ineke Vermeulen

Remember-remember, the fifth of November… With these words, the Prostmasters meeting of November fifth was opened. For those of you that weren’t there or never heard this rhyme: on the fifth of November 1605, Guy Fawkes tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament in London and ever since, the fifth of November has been known as Guy Fawkes Day. 

Our meeting was not so dramatic, although there was fire: fire on stage, in the eyes and voices of the speakers and fire in the audience, sometimes bursting with laughter, at other times exploding with applause.

We had no less than four speakers including an Icebreaker and an advanced speech – all of them original, inspiring and fired up! Armin told us he holds nothing of positive feedback, we’ll see if he’ll ever develop a different appreciation of the value of constructive feedback…

Stefan, for once, chose not to talk about something fast and funny, but instead, about something slow and sad. Well, he did manage to slow down to a pace that we’re not used to from him, but humor and grandiose one-liners still abounded and we all had a great time seeing life through his eyes again. 

The next speaker, Christian, turned it up a notch and shared some of his stories that taught him travelling is not a measure of distance covered but rather the sum of experiences made and the impact they leave on one’s soul.

Last but not least, Stephanie took us on a real trip to the Giant’s Causeway in the wild North Atlantic Ocean between Ireland and Scotland. We now know that even giants listen to their wives in moments of distress.

The feedback session allowed for even more fun, but the greatest announcement of all was kept for last: our annual Xmas party is coming up (December 17) and none other than Christian Sammut is hosting. If you wish to help out with the logistics (Glühwein, Lebkuchen and other goodies are welcome), get in touch with him, or with our club president, Caroline Deinert

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