Laugh, Learn and Be Inspired

Lately, it has become difficult for me to leave my home in the evening. It is not only due to the exhaustion I feel after chasing a toddler all day long, but also because of all the things that could happen while I am away, like an earthquake, fire and other evils.

The only event I cannot miss, and I regret so much if I do, is a Prostmasters’ meeting. And so last Wednesday evening, on the 21st of January, I made my way through a dark and dull Munich into the warm, welcoming Prostmasters premises at Saarstr 5. As I arrived, the program was filled with fantastic speeches and the room was packed with fabulous people.
Very often when telling people about Toastmasters, I hear a self-confident response:

“I am not afraid of speaking in public. So why should I go there? What can I learn?!?”

Aaah.. soo much!

This is exactly what Sandra explained in her first (Icebreaker) speech to the Prostmasters. Not being shy and shaky when presenting is an advantage, but it does not make anyone a good speaker. How about speech structure, message, voice variety, body language, etc.? This is what we learn and practice at Toastmasters. It is inspiring to see good speakers like Sandra who are eager to improve and learn more.
Still thinking over what Sandra had to say, I saw Christian come on stage. Christian Sammut is obviously a talented writer, but he is also passionate about public speaking and a hard worker. He turns the simple role of timer or ah-counter into a spectacular performance. And honestly, what a speech it was! Smart, hilarious, sarcastic, very well written and wonderfully presented. A speech I would love to hear again and again and again!
The last speaker of the evening was Mel Kelly. With Mel, it is always like this – you see him on stage and you start smiling even before he says something. Is it charisma, years of performing in public or just the good vibe that he is spreading around? I do not know exactly. Let me say just one thing – we laughed a lot. And the speech itself was not even humorous! It also carried many messages. For me it was this: people forced into a war are not enemies.  

There are so many other things and people I would love to mention here, but who has the time to read long blog postings? Come and see for yourself!!! I can guarantee, at Prostmasters you will laugh, learn and be inspired!

Written by Darya Bilousova 

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