2nd meeting in February 2015

An international affair: 14 countries represented

Over 14 different nationalities were represented at our last Prostmaster meeting!

It was a huge turnout. People from South Africa, Malta, Afghanistan, Ireland, India, USA, China, Portugal, Spain, Nigeria, Georgia, Russia and Germany. The mix of nations was a guarantee for a lot of fun!

Not only did we have fun at our last meeting, there was a lot of quality speaking. In a very humorous speech, our Vice President of Membership admitted that he has a hidden secret: He doesn’t know how to drive. He promised in his speech to get his license by mid April! We will hold him to it.

Our moderator for the evening – Mel Kelly – is a comedian on the side. This made it a very funny meeting indeed. Other members of our Toastmaster club are also part-time comedians. They will all be on stage on September 26th 2015 at the Cord Club. But if you can’t go – no problem – just come to Toastmasters and hear them for free.

Another upcoming event is the Expat Fair. It is being held on March 22nd 2015 at the Alte Messe (Theresienwiese). Toastmasters will be there too and hold two demo meetings for all to see. Come and be part of the fun!

At our next meeting (March 4th 2015), you have the opportunity to come and see some of our finest speakers compete. It is our annual Speech Contest. This is a nice opportunity to come and see the best of what Toastmasters has to offer and what Toastmasters can do for you.

Cynthia, a Munich Prostmasters member

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