A unique Prostmaster´s evening of contest

Special Munich Prostmasters’ meeting on March 4th: International Speech and Evaluation Club Contest.

Following the funny jokes from Samuel, the first part of the evening started with a target speech given by our experienced speaker Carlo. It was absolutly amazing to experience how differently the five contestants (Ranjith, Ineke, Hervé, Kumar and Armin) focused on various aspects, and how many suggestions for improvements they could deliver to such an excellent speech. The evaluation has always been a helpful tool for improving the speaking skills. Not only Carlo was grateful for the numerous feedback this evening, but all the audience has benefited from it as well.

In the second part four contestants gave their high-level speeches. Ineke told a story of her great grandmother and convinced the audience to follow their heart. Ranjith encouraged us to take on the challenges in life, with his personal experience of seven months of babysitting. Mel delivered an unbelievable story that took place in South Africa, inspiring people to solve problems and conflicts with open dialog instead of aggression and violence. Finally, Mikaela made us understand that, just like little drops of oil in a candle every day allow it to keep on burning, little good things every day count for a better world.

First place Evaluation Contest went to Ranjith; Mel won the International Speech Contest.

Congratulations and good luck for the next round in the area contest! For the audience it was not only an enjoyable evening, but also an extremely informative and educational one!


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