Author: Ranjith

  • Aloha!


    When Ron plans, he executes! 4 special meetings planned for 2022-23 and we finished off in style with the last special evening themed on Hawaii! Ron opened the meeting online with a Hawaiian vibe and sea background. He also took us remotely on a spiritual journey! Mikaela came sartorially dressed and presented the word of…

  • Club meeting @ 7 Jun, 2023

    Ron, our president, opened the meeting by greeting so many guests (7 present on site and  1 online) in our club’s history since Corona!  The meeting’s moderation was then handed over to Armin, the Toastmaster of the evening. He emphasised that Toastmasters offers supportive and positive learning environments to all members and this is how we all can grow by learning…

  • New officer team  for 2023-24

    New officer team for 2023-24

    Here are the incoming officers for the Toastmasters year 2023-24: President – Jasmin GhennamVP Education – Ranjith VenkateshVP Membership – Sirichai Bannasarn (Golf)VP Public Relations – Divij WadhawanSecretary – Tobias SchlosserTreasurer – Ashwini NavoorSergeant-at-Arms – Not decidedImmediate Past President – Ron Fiedler We are happy to have such a great team to kick off the…

  • Mikaela wins the District Evaluation contest at Aarhus, Denmark

    Mikaela wins the District Evaluation contest at Aarhus, Denmark

    Mikaela Gallon wins the District Evaluation contest for the Munich Prostmasters. With this our club has won the Evaluation contest three times in a row (Member Awards). Mikaela competed with 8 other Division winners and stood out. I found her calm and poised while she delivered the evaluation speech in her own style. Go Mikaela!

  • Reverse meeting

    Reverse meeting

    When Ron puts his mind to it, he executes it! The Reverse meeting happened on 15th of March, 2023 and it was FUN! Our guests set the tone for singing and dancing! Stefan led the General Evaluation round setting challenges for the Toastmasters to come and do things before they thought of it. Jasmin rapped…

  • Club contests – 15 Feb, 2023

    Club contests – 15 Feb, 2023

    Thanks to the organizing team of Barbara(VP Education), Ineke (Contest Chair) and Ron (Chief Judge) we had a great club contest on the 15th of Feb, 2023. Jasmin entertained us with her target speech on getting engaged to her very German boyfriend who cleans better than her and cuddles up with their poodle. Mikaela and…

  • Officer Training @ Ingolstadt

    Officer Training @ Ingolstadt

    Four officers from the Munich Prostmasters made it to Ingolstadt! Ron and I landed early for the officer training at Ingolstadt last week. The location was great – Technische Hochschule. It felt great to be meeting people live after two years for an officer training. The last time I was in one of them was…

  • Moments of Truth 2021/22

    Moments of Truth 2021/22

    We had a great time yesterday with Barbara, Isil, Ineke, Ron, Stefan, Chris and Darya discussing what went well in 2021/22 and what could be improved. We even had two guests Alejandro and Jeff joining us to provide their valuable inputs. We sat down in a round table and had a discussion over some snacks…

  • Understanding communication styles

    Ranjith talks about how he was in awe with many people who influenced his communication style as part of the Pathway Motivational Strategies.