Hibernate, don’t emigrate

Fellow Toastmasters, dear guests: First, go make yourself a cup of tea. It’s cold out there and most of us don’t have access to private châteaux on expensive islands yet.

You currently do reside on such a tropical destination? Then fix yourself a Long Island Iced Tea instead. Better still, wear your custom-made suit and order your drink at a pool bar. It will temporarily boost your charisma plus ten. Remember to move slowly and keep your hands out of your pockets at all times. (If female, adjust accordingly, you get the idea).

In case you are not among the chosen few, there is still reason to be happy. Let me break it down:

Reason no. 1: Some have it worse. Think Norilsk, Bratislava, Nizhny Nowgorod (at least, it sounds cold).

Reason no. 2: You are not missing out on exciting alfresco activities. This means, you can fully dedicate yourself to making more money, finding some meaningful social cause, or: improving your public speaking skills – which will, by the way, take care of the aforementioned. To quote a trustworthy, not otherwise specified source: “I had no home. I had no friends. And then I came to Toastmasters!”

(It’s probably time for a new paragraph.)

Until then – thank you for reading, dear attractive people. You could have done some other, mind-enhancing activity. But you chose to spend your time listening to me. You all win a free hug by our Club President or the VP of your choice.

Yours truly,

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