Munich Prostmasters x-mas meeting

Dear fellow Tostmasters and friends,

I’m very pleased to invite you in the name of all Prostmaster officers to our x-mas party 2011 at the 21st December, 7.15pm.

We are going to have three fabulous speeches and table topics. Furthermore, this is not an ordinary evening, as all of us can go to Stadtkantine for a delicious dinner. As a starter we ordered the well known antipasti (about 6 € each person) and for the 2nd course you have the choice between two meals (10 € each), one is filled veggies, the other is rosy veal with Gnocchi. A dessert you can choose from the menu.
Separate bill.

More info:

All officers are looking forward to see you at the 21st, our last Porstmaster eventing this year!
If guests would like to join for dinner, please give me a quick note. (!/prostmasters) I will check for more seats.


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