Sergeant-at-Arms | Ron Fiedler | 2020-21

Sergeant-at-Arms | Ron Fiedler | 2020-21

What brought you to Toastmasters?
To improve my communication skills, my current skills were not enough to go where I want to be. You can have all the knowledge there is, but it’s nothing without the actual experience to back it up. I don´t know a better place than Toastmasters to try things out, getting feedback and all of it in a light demeanor.

What keeps you in Toastmasters?
Vibe, personal stories, getting even better.

What would you like to do as an officer for the club this year?
Just keep it going, clean and organized. Let guests feel welcomed when we go back to offline.

What Pathways are you working on?

Dynamic Leadership – Level 3

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