President | Irina Prjadeha | 2020-21

President | Irina Prjadeha | 2020-21

What brought you to Toastmasters?
Job interview after I graduated from University. During the assessment center one of the recruiters mentioned Toastmasters and I got very curious about it. I have been with Toastmasters since that very year – majority of the time with Munich Prostmasters, but also with ReDensburger Toastmasters Club while I lived in Regensburg, and even during my assignment in USA I have been visiting Toastmasters regularly!

What keeps you in Toastmasters?
I am constantly looking for new challenges and opportunities of further growth and development and Toastmasters were able to provide these opportunities at any time. I am passionate about public speaking and impact that speaker creates on people – inspire, motivate and empower.  Professionally part of my job is to facilitate trainings, present at various conferences in Europe, North America and Asia and speak in front of executives – all of it has benefitted from Toastmasters training.

What would you like to do as an officer for the club this year?
I am a president of one of the best Toastmasters club worldwide – which I am exceptionally proud of! Together with my leadership team I will be working on sustaining the mission of our club and celebrating the power of our inspiring, inclusive and supportive community!

What Pathways are you working on?

Dynamic Leadership – Level 4

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