Time Travel

Meet Ralph Smedley, the Toastmasters Founder

Toastmasters celebrates its 90th aniversary! 

Cause for a time travel in our Table Topics: Ineke impersonated Toastmasters Founder Ralph Smedley and explained, that (s)he intended to make young men more eloquent to improve communication between men and women. Kumar, assuming the role of a guest on a 1954 international Toastmasters conference, complimented Ralph Smedley on doing such a great job. 

Find out more about Toastmasters at the toastmaster magazin from October 2014:  https://www.toastmasters.org/~/media/05EE8ED1E4FE4309A4FEA3E415D42A34.ashx

or come to our next Munich Prostmaster Meeting, it will be a special event on the 29th of April. Our Prostmasters Open House provides you with two educationals on “Brushing up your joke” and “You have a voice. Use it.”


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