Exciting Afternoon at the Area Conference

Toastmasters Area 1 & 2, English

Saturday, April 21st, 1.45 pm: Area Govenor Gökhan Kilic welcomed Toastmasters at ‘Eine Welt Haus’ to this semesters’ area contest. On a nice spring day, actually the one of the first ones this year, the scent of competition was in the air as the audience nervously awaited the Toastmasters men power: Martin Brown, Mel Kelly (both Munich Prostmasters), area 1 and Tobias Kruse (Business Speakers), Patrick Wutz and Martin Schuler, (Redensburger), area 2, the participants in the international speech contest. Air stand still, exited Toastmasters from mainly Munich Toastmaster clubs slipping on their chairs from on side to the other waiting for the first speech.

Madam contest chair, Darya Belousova, asked the first, Martin Brown with his “Sir Isaac Apple” to come on stage. He started with a bang. Lord of the jungle – open mouth, shouting “Oooohhhhaaahh” while tumbling on his chest with both fists. His speech about the chance for a new start after you lost hold and fell off a tree was full of energy and physical commitment. Most probably the reason why judges named Martin the winner of area 1 in this international speech contest. Martin Brown and 2nd placed Mel Kelly are going to represent Munich Prostmasters at Mai 5th division conference.

Our second event of the day – evaluation was well managed by Madam chief judge, Ineke Vermeulen. Unfortunately, area 2 had no further candidates to participate. Martin Schuler and Patrick Wutz bravely stepped in and took their duty immediately as volunteers. David Sen (Munich Prostmasters, Effective Communicators, Advanced Toastmasters) was a target speaker in a Scottish way. He spoke about a young boy’s dream of being an astronaut on his way to the moon. We should live our dreams, too, he recommended. Evaluator Mel Kelly made the first place for area 1. He and 2nd placed, Caroline Deinert are going to represent Munich Prostmasters at the division conference as well.

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