Speech Club, with the Rules of “Fight Club”

by Armin

So last Wednesday was the second time I have been a guest at the Postmasters. And that’s already a lie because: Just before the start of the show, I signed up for membership. A few minutes later I kinda wished I hadn’t when Toastmaster Of The Evening presented the audience with his idea of bringing the rules of „Fight Club“ to the event: „If this is your first evening, you have to talk!“

I was trapped! Because even though it was my second time with the Toastmasters, clearly it was my first one as a member. There was no way out and when the Table Topics started, my time had come. The task: I was presented sets of sheets of which I had to chose one each. Turning them around revealed the kind of person I had pretend to be, the other the topic I was supposed to talk about for around 2 minutes. Lucky me got „CEO“ as person and „Women“ as a topic. Women? Easy! (the other way round would have been interesting, too, I guess!).

As I did not know I would have had 30 seconds to prepare I started my fake presentation as CEO talking to my then staff members about the new company rule of having 95 per cent women in top management according to fulfill new federal regulations.

It was not too shabby, I even got some laughs and – as I found out later – only had three „eeeerrr“s in my speech. So – honestly: What do I need Toastmasters for? Haha.

But seriously: After listening to the speeches of the more veteran members, I am already looking forward to visiting the upcoming events. Because: More experienced members probably probably enjoy speeches even more because they can grasp the progress their fellow Toastmasters have made since their ice breaker speech.

Talking about ice breaker speech: Mine will be on November, 5th – see you there!

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