Vittoria speaks from her heart!

Vittoria speaks from her heart!

“Dears, I am a new Toastmaster officer. I stepped in this role out of love. Out of love for all what I learned and achieved with Toastmaster. I wanted to give back.
Gandhi once said “the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”
And I am learning, although not as I thought it would be.
In the Officer training, they thought me that it’s not about me. It is about engaging others, my fellows toastmaster’s in what I thought “I” should do.
I am learning to get myself out of the way. I am learning to be aware of the difficult state this role is creating for my Ego. How easy is for me to step into a default mode “to not needing to be here” or to feel “not good enough” for the task.
I need time to figure out what and how I can do it.
And …my Officers colleagues are keeping me in.
They are writing emails in which they suggest what I should do; they are creating a net of support around me without any blame or criticism.
I learned in the last month to be part of a beautiful group, a group of real leaders, a real team that have learned to lose themselves in the service of others…listening, understanding, having compassion, being of support…out of true Love.
I thus want to be part of it, with all my soul and I am looking forward to make this group bigger, so that more people can experience a bit of these learning and love.”   As a group of new Officers, we are truly looking forward to this year ahead of us to continue serving with love, our international and beautiful members to progress in their personal growth.
Prostmaster club is an international and incredible fun place to be and we all willing to contribute to its unshakable outstanding reputation”.  

Vittoria Piattelli (VP PR – 2016-17)

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