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Continue your journey of personal and professional development through Pathways, Toastmasters’ new education program! As the foundation of your Toastmasters experience, Pathways is designed to help you build the competencies you need to communicate and lead.

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Rhetoric, Rhetoricians and Rhetorical devices

Munich Prostmasters Meeting, 2nd August 2017


If you missed the Munich Prostmasters Meeting on 2nd August 2017, then you missed a fun-filled, action-packed evening. Here´s a summary:

Our president Ranjith opened the session by sharing a personal anecdote about feedback he received on his YouTube channel video. The speech, which was delivered four years ago at the District level, opened with a powerful reference to Nobel Peace Prize laureate Malala. The critical feedback referred to stereotyping — a topic which was mentioned a couple of times during our meeting. Our view is that as Toastmasters, we should listen really carefully to feedback and use it as an opportunity for introspection. While we like to occasionally poke fun at certain groups of people (often in the form of self-deprecating humour), we should also be mindful of individual sensitivities and always aim to rally, not divide, with humor.

Paul, our Toastmaster of the evening, kicked off the evening with a poll to select which of the three objective evaluations would benefit from additional time for a more in depth talk during the objective evaluations. Ineke, our Grammarian extraordinaire, was more than happy to get bonus minutes!

Our warm-up session of Table Topics was led by Delightful Darya. She sparked some interesting impromptu speeches on (intentionally) controversial topics such as the benefits or risks of Extreme sports, Superfoods and Vaccinations. Each topic was argued by two speakers in a pro vs. con format: speakers and audience alike responded well to this format – shall we do this debate setting more often?

Our first prepared speech came from Lorenz who not only achieved the goals of his Speech #2 (Organize your speech) but also gained a few fans in the audience he captivated. If you haven’t met Lorenz yet: he is the energetic entrepreneur who co-founded an innovative company, MySnackBox (check it out!). The passion for his company was evident throughout the speech!

Irina then defied the challenge of delivering a tough speech: “The adversary relationship”. The primary goal was to deliver bad news, and we (employees, investors, stakeholders) found out that a large product line manufactured by our company would be shut down for strategic reasons. Irina mastered the skill of presenting the situation and the bad news in a factual manner and addressed with brio all concerns raised by the audience in the Q&A session that ensued.

Last but not least, our “Immediate Past President” Stephanie ended our prepared speeches series with an Educational Presentation “Going beyond our club”, highlighting the numerous speaking and leadership opportunities available at various levels in Toastmasters. If you haven’t done so already, please mark your calendars for our Humorous Speech and Table Topics Club Contest on the 6th September 2017: from speaker to judge and ballot counter, Sergeant at Arms and contest chair, there are several interesting roles to fill during a club contest. Bring a friend or colleague along, this will be an exciting and highly entertaining evening!

Magnificent Mel, General Evaluator, picked up where Paul left off, citing examples of rhetorical devices that could be praised by our Grammarian in the extended report – Rockstar Ranjith, Precious Paul were amusing examples to illustrate the sticky impact of alliterations. Mean Mel has no issues overstepping the boundaries of political correctness and poking fun at speakers and members, engaging the audience in an entertaining segment.

Ineke´s “Grammarian on steroids” evaluation reminded us about some grammar rules and highlighted noteworthy examples of rhetorical devices such as metaphors, similes, anaphoras… How about spicing up your next speech with some inspiration from this brilliant ‘Cheat sheet’?

Some may have even learned a new German word along the way, “Besserwisser” – roughly translated as “Know-it-all” or rather “Know-it-better”. If you have lived in Germany long enough, this sketch by Comedy Club Munich´s Matt Devereaux might brilliantly illustrate the point. Oops, is this another stereotype?

A couple of Toastmaster awards were presented before closing the meeting: Stephanie, well done on your Advanced Leadership Bronze status! Mikaela, congratulations on your completing your Competent Leader manual!

Speaking of awards, our next meeting will honor one of the most engaged, passionate and likeable Toastmasters around – see you on the 16th of August, 2017!


An evening of personal transformations


On Wednesday, 21st June, a warm estival evening coinciding with the summer solstice, Munich Prostmasters gathered to thank the outgoing Officers team and welcome the incoming team.

Dhruba led the audience through our warm-up session, namely Table topics, exploiting the “estival” theme (incidentally, the word of the day which means ‘related to the summer’) inviting members and guests to share their views or experiences related to the summer.
Three speeches filled our program on this estival evening, all somewhat revolving around the topics of personal transformation. Andreas, who completed Project 2 of the Competent Communicator Manual, fulfilled his objectives of “Organize your speech” into a solid structure that presented his professional transformation from civil servant in the German Army to tax specialist in the private sector, as well as his personal journey exploring meditation to increase well-being and focus. His speech was followed by that of Armin Hierstetter, who shared a new aspect of his journey towards becoming an entrepreneur. Armin’s goal was to “Inspire the audience” and we believe he was quite convincing, perhaps sparking some new vocations amongst attendees? Last but certainly not least, we heard the fourth and final part of Mel´s keynote speech to a group of IT consultants. Mel´s natural command of rhetoric and charisma resulted in a speech that was entertaining, inspiring and occasionally thought-provoking. We even learned some fun facts along the way, for instance: Did you know who was the wedding photographer at Larry Ellison´s wedding? Hint: it wasn´t Annie Leibowitz. Read on to find out more…

After the break, our evaluators shared their precious feedback to our speakers. Two of the speakers had asked for honest, almost ‘tough’ feedback. Although they were given some ideas on how to further improve the quality of their speech or delivery, an important suggestion was made by our surprise guest, “Evaluators’ evaluator” Christopher Magyar (a.k.a. as our “Rolls Royce of a Toastmaster”). The suggestion was to take in the ‘constructive feedback’ of course but more importantly to focus on what we do well, something that can truly be seen and appreciated when we look at videos of our own speeches. And remember: “Feedback is the Breakfast of Champions”! Christopher also rightly pointed out that many speakers – prepared or impromptu speeches alike – have perhaps dropped their guard with time-management and the use cringe worthy filler words such as “Ah”, “Um”, “So”, which ought to be dramatically reduced in our next meetings to uphold our standards. Shall we give it a try? We don´t want to antagonize our founding father, we want to make him proud!

We were also happy to see some new faces at our meeting: four guests – or rather two, since we have two new club members! Welcome, Irina and Lorenz! We look forward to hearing your speeches in the near future!

If you are still guessing who was the illustrious photographer at Larry Ellison’s wedding: no, it wasn’t Peter Lindbergh either (but do go see the Lindbergh exhibit at Kunsthalle, it is well worth it!). The answer is… Steve Jobs! Who knew?

We welcome your feedback, comments, ideas and suggestions… drop us a line or a comment!

Here’s wishing all our members and readers a productive, successful, and happy couple of weeks until our next meeting on July 5th. We have another good lineup of speeches you don’t want to miss!


Vittoria speaks from her heart!

Vittoria speaks from her heart!

“Dears, I am a new Toastmaster officer. I stepped in this role out of love. Out of love for all what I learned and achieved with Toastmaster. I wanted to give back.
Gandhi once said “the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”
And I am learning, although not as I thought it would be.
In the Officer training, they thought me that it’s not about me. It is about engaging others, my fellows toastmaster’s in what I thought “I” should do.
I am learning to get myself out of the way. I am learning to be aware of the difficult state this role is creating for my Ego. How easy is for me to step into a default mode “to not needing to be here” or to feel “not good enough” for the task.
I need time to figure out what and how I can do it.
And …my Officers colleagues are keeping me in.
They are writing emails in which they suggest what I should do; they are creating a net of support around me without any blame or criticism.
I learned in the last month to be part of a beautiful group, a group of real leaders, a real team that have learned to lose themselves in the service of others…listening, understanding, having compassion, being of support…out of true Love.
I thus want to be part of it, with all my soul and I am looking forward to make this group bigger, so that more people can experience a bit of these learning and love.”   As a group of new Officers, we are truly looking forward to this year ahead of us to continue serving with love, our international and beautiful members to progress in their personal growth.
Prostmaster club is an international and incredible fun place to be and we all willing to contribute to its unshakable outstanding reputation”.  

Vittoria Piattelli (VP PR – 2016-17)


Honouring the Founder of our Club

and starting a new term with a new officers’ team

Tonight we kicked off the new Toastmaster year with a bang!

This year’s club officers were inducted and are eager to help everyone reach their speech and leadership goals in the next 365 days. It was announced that our club’s founder and long-time member Christopher M. will be awarded the Presidential Citation Award in a few months in Las Vegas. It is an honor to have him as a member of our club, and we are very proud of his achievement.

The meeting was a blast, and we can’t wait for the next one in two weeks!

Cynthia, a Munich Prostmasters member



The last meeting in April at Prostmasters Munich was one of an unusual kind. We had no prepared speeches, no word of the day, no table topics, but on the other hand we had workshops! Two of them! And jokes! Lots of them! This meeting was one of the most active ones I have attended recently since everybody from the audience took part in the workshops prepared by three of our fellow club members.

Enter Samuel!

What’s a joke workshop without jokes? We heard plenty of those, but the real essence of his talk were the eight simple tips he gave us that everyone can incorporate into their jokes and make them sound more authentic and more humorous. Remember to smile, create tension, and for god’s sake, don’t laugh at your own jokes ever again! After Samuel’s talk, three of our fellow toastmasters went on stage and practiced what they had learned and told us a couple of funny jokes.

The second workshop held during the evening was about the way we use our voice and how most of the time we never really use its full potential. Funny enough, most of us are not even aware of this, unless someone else points it out for us. That’s why Armin and Caroline taught us the fundamentals of voice projection and demonstrated several exercises that each and every one of us can practice in order to improve our voices. It all begins with taking a deep breath, then warming up your voice and ending with a tongue twister! Try it out now and say “I’m sure she sells sea shells on the sea shore”. Now repeat it again with your tongue out! Sounds funny? Well, it does not really matter, since this exercise is a good way to become more fluent.

All in all, the evening was excellent, with great fun and tons of laughter. The numerous guests who visited us this evening were more than happy by the end of the workshops. 

Atanas Dimitrov


Time Travel

Meet Ralph Smedley, the Toastmasters Founder

Toastmasters celebrates its 90th aniversary! 

Cause for a time travel in our Table Topics: Ineke impersonated Toastmasters Founder Ralph Smedley and explained, that (s)he intended to make young men more eloquent to improve communication between men and women. Kumar, assuming the role of a guest on a 1954 international Toastmasters conference, complimented Ralph Smedley on doing such a great job. 

Find out more about Toastmasters at the toastmaster magazin from October 2014:

or come to our next Munich Prostmaster Meeting, it will be a special event on the 29th of April. Our Prostmasters Open House provides you with two educationals on “Brushing up your joke” and “You have a voice. Use it.”



Munich Prostmasters at Expat Fair

You are welcome at our stand

Members of our club represent the Munich Prostmasters at the ‘Expat in the City an international fair‘ at Alte Kongresshalle, Theresienhöhe 15, Munich on the 22nd March 2015, 10.00 – 17.00.

Toastmasters at the stand and demo-meeting

Munich Prostmasters is one of six Toastmaster clubs at the expat fair. Together they inform at a stand. Our member Stephanie is organizing the participation of Toastmaster clubs at the fair. She has help of our club founder, Christopher. He will be ‘master of ceremonies ‘ and is responsible for the two demo-meetings during Sunday.These Toastmasters demo-meetings show what to expect at a club evening.

The good, The bad and the new City

Head of the promotion team is our immediate past president, Thomas. He made together with other Proastmasters a promotion video for you. Title: The good, The bad and the new City. Find out more information and enjoy!

Link to the promotion Video…


A unique Prostmaster´s evening of contest

Special Munich Prostmasters’ meeting on March 4th: International Speech and Evaluation Club Contest.

Following the funny jokes from Samuel, the first part of the evening started with a target speech given by our experienced speaker Carlo. It was absolutly amazing to experience how differently the five contestants (Ranjith, Ineke, Hervé, Kumar and Armin) focused on various aspects, and how many suggestions for improvements they could deliver to such an excellent speech. The evaluation has always been a helpful tool for improving the speaking skills. Not only Carlo was grateful for the numerous feedback this evening, but all the audience has benefited from it as well.

In the second part four contestants gave their high-level speeches. Ineke told a story of her great grandmother and convinced the audience to follow their heart. Ranjith encouraged us to take on the challenges in life, with his personal experience of seven months of babysitting. Mel delivered an unbelievable story that took place in South Africa, inspiring people to solve problems and conflicts with open dialog instead of aggression and violence. Finally, Mikaela made us understand that, just like little drops of oil in a candle every day allow it to keep on burning, little good things every day count for a better world.

First place Evaluation Contest went to Ranjith; Mel won the International Speech Contest.

Congratulations and good luck for the next round in the area contest! For the audience it was not only an enjoyable evening, but also an extremely informative and educational one!